Perpetual Day of Remembrance

Perpetual Day of Remembrance

Perpetual Day of Remembrance

September 15 is the Perpetual Day of Remembrance (PDoR) promulgated by the late Bishop Bill Wright as part of our response to child sexual abuse in our diocese. As per Bishop Michael’s letter sent to parishes , he wishes that we continue to mark this day. ‘Perpetual Day of Remembrance Sunday’ is September 10 this year.

To access the Perpetual day of Remembrance Resources CLICK HERE.


The Zimmerman Service Healing and Support Team provides support and assistance to survivors and their relatives. To engage with this service please call 49230636 or email

To commemorate Perpetual Day of Remembrance 2023, Zimmerman House at 5 Selma St, Newcastle West will be open to survivors and relatives from 12-4pm on the 15 September for those who wish to drop in. Please see the flyer for further details.


Come, let us walk in the Light of the Lord.

Let us not fear the past

when our hearts were heavy. (Is. 2:5)

Let us Shine the Light of Christ.

Come, let us bring light from the darkness.

Let us make evil good

and find sweet in the bitter. (Is. 5:20)

Let us Shine the Light of Christ.

Come, let us weep together

when the light grew dark with the clouds,

from the darkness and distress. (Is. 5:30)

Let us Shine the Light of Christ.

Come, let us walk with our brothers and sisters,

those who have walked in darkness. (Is. 9:2)

Let them see the great Light of God

and let us Shine the Light of Christ.

Composed by Fiona Duque © 2019 Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.  All rights reserved.

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